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Dear Sheryl Crow,

90’s Music Is My Life’s Theme Song…ATM

So I was at work today and a Sheryl Crow song came on…Soak Up The Sun. Another customer lady was in the store while the song came on and we both started humming and sing parts of the song we are familiar with.
There’s a line…
“It’s not having what you want
It’s wanting what you’ve got.”
That’s when I said out loud to the lady, “that’s the freakin’ story of my life”.
Do you feel like that too? I’m exaggerating a bit there but it feels good to just allow myself to go down the rabbit hole for a bit. I figure that it’s better to feel any emotion that arises than to suppress it. It’s my own way of hearing my feelings and exposes myself to the world outside of my head. Sometimes I like to call myself out, so it’s not haunting me from within. I figure if I have to feel it mentally then everyone might as well too. And if with me being honest can help another person then so be it.
This is my way of saying to the world that we are all human and life gives us lemon and we might as well throw those lemons up high and joggle them right before we make lemonade.

Becky With So So Hair,

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How I Build My Website For Free

Hello everyone,

Thank you for coming to check our website out. I’m just glad it’s finally up and running. I know there are more things needed to be done and honestly, I’m working on adding new arrivals daily.
I’ve been building my own websites for a while but this is the first online shop. Here are a few tips and how you can build your own website. Trust me it’s not as hard as it seems, just give yourself time to work on your site.

Steps by Steps
1. Go to to buy a domain. A domain is your website name.
2. Buy a web hosting on Godaddy too. Hosting is an internet term for renting an invisible space to have your business in. Yes even online you have to pay rent.
3. Download WordPress in your hosting control panel. Follow the steps to set up a website with free layouts (themes).
4. YouTube how to build a website with WordPress. If you need visual help.
5. Nothing is permanent and when you are learning you will make mistakes but then just delete and start again.

This is how I build my own site, there are lots of other ways. I love WordPress because it’s free and easy. Message me if you have questions and have fun building your site. By the way, Godaddy didn’t sponsor this blog, so please help support by purchasing something.

HahaHa Haiyen😘


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Top 10 Places To Eat At In Minnesota During Super Bowl 52

Top 10 Places To Eat At In Minnesota During Super Bowl 52.

Thank you David Letterman for this top 10 list idea. I was told to write a blog to drive traffic to my website and so thanks to Mr. Letterman you’ll be seeing lots of these list.

10. Hyee Grocery Store; where Vikings players go to practice bagging groceries. After the Eagles match, the entire team needs to look for a new job.

Oh yeah, the deli counter is so so but the desert is well worth it.

9. White Castle on Lake Street; the only establishment that serves the best burgers with fries when your drunk, broke and nothing else is open.

8. Midtown Global Market; it’s a food hall. Visit Holyland and order the kids meal with the chicken wings with fries for $6, and it comes with a free drink. And the BEST sauce EVER. It’s named after the daughter. Kinda like Wendy from you know.

Then walk over to our boutique on the corner of Lake Street and Chicago Ave. $10 Rack baby😘

7. Slim’s in Brooklyn Center; best wings EVER.

6. Hmong Village in Saint Paul; who’s village? Minnesota is the 2nd highest Hmong population in the US after Fresno, CA. The food is cheap and hardy. Try a little from all the different vendors. Visit on the weekend for more vendors selections.

5. Karmel Square in Minneapolis; a Somali mini mall. Can you say sombosa? Think egg roll but in a triangle shape.

Get brown henna for $5 a hand if you have some time. Support your small business.

4. Sushi Tango Uptown; try their fried rice, it’s good and cheap. The hamachi kama is delicious, grill fish.

When your there, look at their logo and see if you can spot the human version of the logo. A fun game I play with the kids everytime.

3. Dong Yang in Columbia Heights; yes you’ve read it, no worries it’s not your typical dong. It’s the BEST dong around. This is authentic Korean food located inside a grocery store. Order by the picture and be prepared to not sit with people you’ve come with but rather with strangers.

2. On’s Kitchen in Saint Paul; your welcome for this tip. Say hi to Mom, she’s cooking in the back. No she’s not my mom nor yours but oh don’t cha know she makes the best pad see ew. Not your jimmy Fallon’s EW either.

1. Kwik Trip Gas Station; this is where you be eatin’ at for a long while after you check yo bank account after them super bowl 52 tickets. And then the nightclubs trying to rip your balls out with them non-Minnesota nice prices.

Kidding aside, best chicken noodle soup.

Here’s to Minnesnowta,

Hahaha Haiyen😉