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Dear Sheryl Crow,

90’s Music Is My Life’s Theme Song…ATM

So I was at work today and a Sheryl Crow song came on…Soak Up The Sun. Another customer lady was in the store while the song came on and we both started humming and sing parts of the song we are familiar with.
There’s a line…
“It’s not having what you want
It’s wanting what you’ve got.”
That’s when I said out loud to the lady, “that’s the freakin’ story of my life”.
Do you feel like that too? I’m exaggerating a bit there but it feels good to just allow myself to go down the rabbit hole for a bit. I figure that it’s better to feel any emotion that arises than to suppress it. It’s my own way of hearing my feelings and exposes myself to the world outside of my head. Sometimes I like to call myself out, so it’s not haunting me from within. I figure if I have to feel it mentally then everyone might as well too. And if with me being honest can help another person then so be it.
This is my way of saying to the world that we are all human and life gives us lemon and we might as well throw those lemons up high and joggle them right before we make lemonade.

Becky With So So Hair,

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